online gambling legality

Countries that Allow Online Casinos

The internet has a global audience, and there is not a single legislation that covers the legality of online casinos throughout the world. Instead, countries have their own local laws that govern legal and regulatory matters, and these laws also differ widely across regions. This means that what is legal depends primarily on where you are. Further complicating matters, legislation is constantly changing. Online gambling at an au online casino is also legal in countries where it is neither regulated nor prohibited. To address online gambling regulation, we will focus on the countries where the industry is regulated and licensed according to best practices and regulations.

Legal jurisdictions for online casinos

The number of countries that have legalized online gambling is constantly increasing, as are online casinos. Below are the five nations that have fully legalized online gambling, imposing strict regulations.


Gambling is a significant attraction in Japan. Online casinos in this country are regulated strictly, ensuring that players do so in a safe and secure setting. Japanese gamblers need to apply for a license before they can play at online casinos.

United Kingdom

Online casinos are regulated by the UKGC, and gambling at them is legal in the UK. Operators eager to serve the local audience must comply with strict rules imposed by the Commission, which serves the player's interests.


The legality of gambling in Spain dates back to 2011, and the unified legislation makes it easier for casinos and bookmakers to obtain licenses to operate online casinos. In Spain, gaming is regulated at a federal level where local political units impose the rules. Those who enjoy playing online casinos in Spain have access to a wide selection of operators regulated by the Spanish Gaming Act.


In Germany, a major European country with one of the world's most robust economies, money is readily available to gamble online. Germany's laws are strict, as expected. This fully regulated activity allows operators outside Germany to accept players from their country, allowing citizens access to various gaming options.

Online Casinos are also permitted in the following countries:

  • Alderney
  • Denmark
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Some States in the USA

Global Overview of Online Gambling

In 32 countries, it is illegal for local operators to operate without a license; however, offshore casinos are allowed to offer their services to local players. Many countries are included in this list, including Armenia, Seychelles, Greece, Monaco, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and many more.

Legal online operators can offer their services in Austria, Finland, France ( meilleur jeu casino ), Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands only if they have local licenses. There are close to 100 countries that do not prohibit online casinos or license them. Some of these countries include the Bahamas, Venezuela, Argentina, Kenya, Bolivia, and Kosovo.