Australian Interactive Gambling Act

The Australian Interactive Gambling Act

Despite the fact that all Australian territories have the freedom to set their own gaming regulations, there is one act aimed at protecting Australians from the harm that gambling can cause.

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) was introduced to protect Australians from all the problems that can arise if they place bets while spending time and money at an australian casino. Australia's Betting Act outlines several things that are not allowed in the gambling industry:

  • Interactive betting services cannot be offered to Australian customers;
  • It is not acceptable for Australian customers to access unregulated interactive online casino services;
  • Australian-based interactive gambling services are not allowed in certain countries;
  • Advertising interactive betting services that are illegal is prohibited;
  • If an interactive gambling service is not licensed or regulated, it cannot be advertised.

Gambling Prohibitions

When the prohibitions were listed, let's examine what each one means. Online games were generally prohibited except for races and sports betting. However, sports betting was never permitted in-game.

Rather than targeting customers, the act targeted interactive gaming providers. Regardless of the owner's citizenship or origin, it can be applied to providers in or out of Australia and even sites listed on

In spite of this, online casino operators in Australia were quick to exploit loopholes in the law. Through the phone, they continued to offer in-game betting.

Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was passed by the Australian Parliament in 2016, resolving the IGA and fixing other issues.

At present, only one act governs online casinos in Australia, which is more of an issue for operators than for players. You cannot be prosecuted for betting online, so don't worry about getting into trouble for it. You cannot be prosecuted for placing a bet online.

Selecting the correct website is, however, the most crucial step. There are many Australian online casinos that accept Australian players and the AUD. You should, however, do some research on the casino before depositing your money to ensure they are reputable.

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