The Bingo Renaissance

The Bingo Renaissance

Before the whole online bingo and us casino craze, bingo was associated with elderly ladies in slippers playing in a crowded bingo hall with pennies. Now bingo has gone under a massive Extreme Make-Over. And its popularity is booming completely!! In the UK alone, bingo has brought in £1.1 billion in revenue whereas customs and excise collects about £115 million every year just from bingo!!

But bingo wasn’t always so popular; back in 1974 bingo sales went into a huge slump. It was regarded as a cheap and cheerful way to entertain players. The arrival of television also crippled the game because people now found a new way to entertain themselves and put bingo games away. This happened until the end of the 90s until bingo went online, then profits started soaring again.

New marketing campaigns also increased bingo’s popularity because companies started working with more modernized and adaptable lingo from the past.

Many celebrities are vivid bingo players like Damon Hill, Bill Clinton and Jade Jagger and their admiration for the game has only increased its popularity. To many players, it’s the warm social aspect of being around your friends and family and not the prospect of winning some money. It’s the idea of such a warm, fuzzy atmosphere attracts bingo players the most.

The UK’s Chancellor, Gordon Brown’s most recent proposal was to cut the duty on bingo and replace it with a tax, which has been agreed upon bingo players and investors. Lehman Brothers, an investment bank has worked out that bingo profits will increase by 30%

The bingo world tends to be more appealing to working class, single females. Bingo marketers don’t try to promote bingo out of this category because of how much money the working class females make for online and offline bingo. They prefer to continue the marketing to existing clients at online casino real money NZ sites and other online casinos instead of having to attract more players.

Bingo will always be the most played online and offline game. There is no way that bingo will go back into the depression anytime soon. Its popularity is much too high. So prepare for bingo-playing till the end of time