Gambling Success Stories That Will Inspire You

gambling success

Whether it was trusting your luck or having the best gambling strategy ever. There are just stories that will inspire you in the gambling world. Stories of people who made it despite trying a lot of times and also stories where luck played out. It could be at sports betting or playing online casino games at choice online casino. These are success stories that will inspire you to start your own journey or continue with yours if you felt like giving up.

Patricia Demauro

Some refer to this story as the lady and the craps. A mother and a grandmother just decided to try her luck on the game of craps at best online casino in Atlantic City. She even managed to get into the Guinness world record book after throwing the dice 154 times without hitting a 7. The amount she walked out with is not really known but according to some people, it was about a million dollars. Funny thing is it was just her 2nd time playing the game. We guess her luck played out well.

Archie Karas

Known to be one of the most famous and richest gamblers of all time. But really did he start like that. During the year of 1992, Karas decided to go to Las Vegas with only $50 in his pocket. Vegas is known as the city of gambling. Although Archie didn’t have much luck she had lost millions in the game of poker. He went on for other poker variations which paid out well. After taking a loan from another gambler he managed to pay it back in no time as he attained high wins. In just under 3 years he managed to get $40 million from gambling.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

This man has his success story written in books and even movies. There are about two movies and books talking about his success story as a gambler. Pelayo took the time to study the roulette table until he managed to find out its faults. He is known to beat the roulette using his own strategy. He made millions of profits from this game using this method.