Picking Off Bluffs In Poker

Picking Off Bluffs In PokerBluffing will always be a very attractive part of Poker Sit and Go Tournaments. It gives you that sense of one-upmanship and makes you feel like you have just earned something from nothing.

But irrespective of all the machismo, bluffing can also be profitable, which in turn means that picking off bluffs is equally as profitable.

Learning to pick off a bluff is a critical skill to learn in poker. In order to improve in this area, you need to understand that it will take patience and experience. Keep an eye on your opponents and make mental records of their patterns of play.

You can also choose to take physical notes if you think it will help you further and do not mind any potential embarrassment.

The next point to take notice of concerns the particular street that an opponent may bluff on. The flop and the turn are ideal candidates for a semi-bluff because the stack to pot ratio is a lot narrower and your opponent will have more draws in their range.

By the time you get to fifth street, the pot is at its plumpest and the draws have either hit or missed. Once again, if you do your homework, you will be able to pick out the players who bet their draws and the players who give up at the river.

Last, but not least, it is all about telling a convincing story. If you think that your opponent's story makes sense, then it is probably better to fold. After all, there will be plenty of easier opportunities to profit.

But if your opponent's story just doesn't add up then go with your nose and make the call.