Beat The New Year Blues

Beat the new years bluesIt's the start of the year and the festive season has worn you out both physically and financially. As a new year begins, you begrudgingly return to work but you still want to have fun in 2013. However when you sit down and work out the price of going out you're not so sure that the pennies and pounds will stretch far enough and staying in seems to be the sensible option. Yet there is something that allows you to have fun, socialise with hundreds of people and even please your purse. All with the pleasure of not having to leave the house!

Allowing you to enjoy all this fun from the comfort of your own sofa is a game of online bingo. Emerging as one of the fastest growing social activities in the UK, it provides the fast paced fun of the game coupled with the improvements to the social chatrooms during play, lets you interact with new people who share a common interest with you - a game of online bingo!

Gone are the days where you need to visit your local bingo hall and stamp your card as the numbers are read out. A few simple clicks and you can set up an online account and choose from thousands of different cards and prize ranges to suit your budget. Although, you can still shout "Full House" for a win if you want to! As well as playing online, thanks to the advancement of most major online bingo companies there are often apps available to download to your smartphone allowing you to take your game with you wherever you are, meaning the fun doesn't have to stop.

Intrigued? Excited? Or just want to try something new for this year? Then head online to join the thousands enjoying the bingo revolution today!

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